Cheating on the SAT? An interview with the author about the new book

Q:Kid's are sneaking help into the SAT?
A: Yes.
Q:The SAT? The most feared exam ever?
A: Yes.
A: Read the book.
Q:Read it?
A: Sure. It's not very long. No more than 10,0000 words. It's a short book designed for devices like the Kindle.
Q:And what's in it?
A: A short description of how I learned how to cheat on the SAT. It's not hard. It doesn't take long. You just need to be a bit tech savvy.
Q:The whole story?
A: I had to explain how to tell the story. I tried to hold some information back, but I wanted the reader to understand just how it's done.
Q: Why did you write it?
A: It just didn't seem fair. There seem to be thousands of kids doing it, but millions are left out. I wanted to draw some light on the subject and level the playing field.
Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Send email to .

About the Author

Peter Wayner is a journalist with 20 years of experience writing for the New York Times, InfoWorld, Wired, Technology Review and other major publications. He's also the author of more than 15 books on diverse topics like steganography, digital cash, open source software and autonomous cars. For more information, see his web site

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